Monday, 13 October 2014

trackside of road

high the mist hill passing yr silver mattress in twilight

orchard transparencies flo

thin cloud banks

chalk marks by the gate

road bends earth view drifts

mass text dream

discomfort palpable radiations passing below

the high flying bird the lowly worm the liars and the angels the lions and the lambs

his list of treads, his final idiosyncrasies, craqueleur and fractal delerium

early palimsest of scratches slightly clothed in the leafed garden

last year’s autumn hazel backlights all

observe magical king creature stirring

dark’n light aleatoric markers overlooking river in folds unshaven

hyena world of bone or glass

a blue sky as someone passes and leans over looking intent

how the harbour opens, how the field stretches away, the hills celluloid in the distant fiction

a fuckin' socialist joke between blocks of someone

a small pink thing at the point of issue

lovely creatures translated from ideograms in blue

blue mist around the dolmen hollow tree language of stone people

squirrels in a glass cabinet

neon dust reading the signals of a sleeping woman

a mass of hovering facets clung interupting in the breeze statuesque topiary pieces

the childhood spectacle of art darks their speed more than a bit of wood with script

tyre track side of road next rains could see you gone

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