Thursday 29 September 2016

as pleases
your world
is the Ten Thousand Things
you hold   The Mudra
     The World Ball
              walking around touching things
                   picture tom cutting an onion
                   and look at your lovely pond
          and i love the way nature has reclaimed part of it


up high

royal vagabond still be-leaved

the long aching lines of wichita reaching out

though bearded beats to malvern plain’s green fields

brown trees in clumps are more and
                            more i think of the sandwich maker’s bottom

long lines reaching out multi-dimensional 
                       X-beat jazz sun floods it through blue mist holes


Monday 5 September 2016

                             letting it run            open the window
        greenfinch     rasp/microwave     rotater
                             pigeonlilt in flight
                             non-transferable but then wherever

abstract expressionism after han shan
that painter
worked for donkey’s years
i have on the walls of my tent
creases wrinkles time
packed away
moiré patterns
wind and sun
angle colour form


stars and clusters and james joyce

past redruth on the hill opening



all these shelves on books

line that you know people

up the social society up in no

particular prefer up and

spot the offspring doing it over and

load the line up and line up long

on digital gizmo eyesight no

Problemo! we follow by feel by remote


have moved away across the floor we have

dances  the very France  and now we stand

in another area                                     Line up


lost where


           coiled up


and owl

Thursday 16 April 2015


marshal law sorting screws
always sounds worse in the dark
up to their necks in liquid chocolate
pictures don't stay long in the clouds
weight loss recoded
up and away went the red balloon
imagine you're a functional electrical accessory in the modern world