Thursday 16 April 2015


marshal law sorting screws
always sounds worse in the dark
up to their necks in liquid chocolate
pictures don't stay long in the clouds
weight loss recoded
up and away went the red balloon
imagine you're a functional electrical accessory in the modern world
i'm intending living forever
don't ask me why but on a clear day
the singer naked under her shift
the past appears closer in the rear-view mirror
a load of bollocks the angel on a lofty cloud
it's open season
w people lighting fires on a monday

Thursday 26 February 2015

notes known as Ev




everything is changing

and nothing changes




she’s in her shorts

drawing a line around the world again

from the other side




the poet examines the scores of the stars

asks the birthdate and is confirmed in his intuition

the professor will have nothing to do with such

harbingers and skullduggery

nevertheless the lovely world wakes up

and goes to sleep and wakes again


still even unseen happening

round about and backing





round about poets






completely naked on the american-indian mountain range

                                         Head full of poets Increasingly dead

the haunting poignant sad music            orders changing
build up subside build up the talented young women
complex psychological tissue who

                                                             is he where is he from where                                                                                         

                                                                                                                  is he he's

       in the pueblo on the cross in the bath the bed the wind spaces of yes

(she did not want to ?)




his chubby speaking her seed pit

just drag yr chains with ya and shake ‘em in time to the jazz









playing computer games

watching the football

reading the poetry books stacked

by the sofa!




on brain of britain describe the shoes of anna

names in foreign’n all but right

‘n set poor barry humphrey earwigging a problem;

’cause should he allow the word but wrong country wrong language? it all coming in a  spittled explosion stamping of sabots and gasping at straws but he had to think no ‘cause it may have been swahili for instant coming in amongst the gab and how was he to know? he had to think no


well there you are the five

minutes of shame




LUDO: [i play]

wiv mod board

flexed tin dome dice shaker

HELLO KITTY counters fit

neat circlets in my memory

orange and white plastic

EMPIRE-MADE travelling boon chess set

where didums Matthews or whatever

his name could never be beaten




just for you                                                



heiroglyphs  viewpoint


clouds now they have gone


Marcel’s measure a leaning stick

they found by the road to the school

after image and i to sleep with


burnished     foxglove





(referencing eric mottram, jeff nuttall, robert creeley, james joyce, bill griffiths and marcel duchamp)






backing for poets



recognisable from previous or the wireless even some

melodic series w chord chopping hinted or occasionally up front

loosely over slowly reverent not-song


                  control hectic  pump  stanzas

                  the poxy last  manifesto beat

                                                   silent ends

                                                   on quite fast repeated space

anthemic zappa  we salute you  you muffled pussy stump 

threadbare militar crankd on movin’

slidin’ vague disconsolate dog occasionally mongrels

pick up treble smoke signals she said on her way to school