Tuesday 4 May 2010

sleeping sound

like a light summer plane
high in the blue over the woods
my imagination says
inbetween worlds
heading but maybe
aimless the point is
small and moving

beset by landscapes

those lines

slant as rain far off

disappearing close to horizon where

light suffuses and bleeds away

a few smudges on a wall

the crisp alignment of spectral planes

the scratch

made on his bicycle down by the school

transformed to gateways and elegant windows

momentary glimpses mystic allusion

reedbeds and moorlands dark

angels interupting…

Monday 3 May 2010

caterpillar memories

in the days of the anthology

provoking the ‘heretofore unrealised’

and ripe dreams of plums against a blue sky

from green farm yards

through granite arches

straggling orchard trees

and skylarks on a warm hill side hear

the waves and those far off along the beach

an orange-juice thirst of smoke haze

in lazy days in dreams out west

dark secrets yet to rise to hinder

all one the hero's day

Friday 30 April 2010

goes around comes around


(or if) i



about me

equations fires

Tenderness (Please)

returning duly


it how it is/was


will tie/s in with

something to say



who have been left behind


still intact

"i do this" - sort of thing

washing on the line

behind the interview

all mountains

necessary to overcome

see the neo-

see the neo-avant-garde instrumental-
ists the avant-garde as art, i hear men
pretend dogs baying under the market
house. it's the status of their products.
burger theory of the avant-garde not
the consciousness artists have. the
girls continue their clapping song
at the top of the helter-skelter. the
mother with the son on her lap swings
back and forth. the rock star in his
glasses remembers his autograph. all
is well.lastyear.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

car park tarmacadamed
dead square
maze-high hedges clipped
neat peoples
exit via
staggered opening at the back
cars tightly packed
i dream these
smoke and mirrors
sliding panes
illusions made
by your dad
see the coin in the fountain
its clarity defines you thus
going by shining
clear shimmer
blue moving convivial
on a warm afternoon towards
april's end
o hat of optimism
- in the dark bar he said that and she smiled
believing or unbelieving whatever
she couldn't comply -
briefest glance
small gold sun
as an economical gesture
towards new life
starting now in the flow


deep'n'rich pick
giving and resisting
thumb and finger